The Telr OpenCart Extension allows merchants who use the OpenCart system to take payments via the Telr Hosted Payment Pages. No card details are captured by or stored within the OpenCart system.

When the customer clicks on the ‘Process Order’ button at the end of the OpenCart checkout screen, they will be taken to the Telr secure server to enter their card details. The result of the purchase attempt (authorised or otherwise) is sent back to the OpenCart system to update the order details. The customer is also returned to the store.

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Credit Card / Debit Card (Telr)

  • الشركات opencart
  • النوع :,
  • حالة التوفر : نعم
  • معروض 2209
  • 12 شهر دعم مجاني
  • وشملت الوثائق
  • تحديثات المنتجات المستقبلية
  • فحص الجودة
  • لا رسوم المعاملات
  • ضمان أدنى سعر
  • $50.00

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