Any Feed Pro


Sometimes you need to create CSV or XML feeds for third parties like your search provider, resellers, affiliates etc. This module takes the hassle out of the process by allowing you to cater for their requirements all through your admin panel in OpenCart.


  • Choose between XML or CSV feeds.
  • Specify root tag (XML).
  • New an improved Rule Systems
  • Enable CDATA tags (XML).
  • Specify delimiter (CSV).
  • Enable or disable feed at the Feed Url.
  • Add any of the supported fields to your feed: Additional Images, Attributes, Categories, Description, EAN, Filters, Height, ISBN, Image, JAN, Length, Location, MPN, Manufacturer, Meta Tag Description, Meta Tag Keywords, Model, Name, Options, Price, Product ID, Product Tags, Quantity, SEO Keyword, SKU, Special Price, UPC, URL, Weight, Width, and more!
  • Customize your field names.
  • Strip HTML from product description.
  • Create partial feeds with a limited number of products.
  • Total Import PRO compatible.
  • Cron cache
  • Language select
  • New custom name mapping for options and attributes
  • New Custom field Value
  • Can Select particular currencies
  • Seo friendly.
  • Includes MijoShop 2.x compatible download.
  • More preset profiles

How To Install

Step 1. Upload the Any Feed PRO files to your OpenCart installation.
Upload the admin and system folders found in your .zip's to your OpenCart store, these folders should be merged with your existing admin and system folders. No files should be overwritten.
(To check if your files merged correctly look in your admin/controller/feed folder for a file called any_feed_pro.php)

Step 2. Navigate to Extensions > Feeds and find Any Feed PRO in the list, press the "Install" button.

Step 3. Add User Permissions for Any Feed PRO
Go to System > Users > User Groups and select your admin user. Edit your usergroup to have both access and modify permissions on feed/any_feed_pro.

Optional Step 1. To add Any Feed Pro to the Tools menu:
Go to Extensions > Extension Installer and "Upload" the afp_install.ocmod.xml file.
Next go to Extensions > Modifications and press the "Refresh" button to refresh your modification cache

Optional Step 2.
Increase the max_execution_time in your OpenCart installation admin/php.ini. The default
setting is 30 seconds. This limit can be exceeded depending on the size of the feed and amount of
products exported; so it is best to increase the max_execution_time before exporting your large feed.

Congratulations, installation is complete :)





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