This module allow you During creating new product (or updating any existing product) from your opencart admin panel get some product information (title, description, all available images, including main image, meta tags values, price and model No if available) by its url , you can use vqmod or ocmod depends on your choice.The main purpose of this extension is grabbing title ,description and images, you may edit the price before saving the product.

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Get PRoduct From Aliexpress

  • النوع :,
  • حالة التوفر : نعم
  • معروض 1620
  • 12 شهر دعم مجاني
  • وشملت الوثائق
  • تحديثات المنتجات المستقبلية
  • فحص الجودة
  • لا رسوم المعاملات
  • ضمان أدنى سعر
  • $30.00

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