Saudi Arabian Payment Integration

What does it do:
This contrib adds support for "OneCard" Saudi Arabian payment integration. 
The checkout button will redirect the customer to the gateway site. 
From there, the customer enters the payment details and pays. 
Once payment is completed, the page will redirect back to your site to complete the order.

* You will of course need to have a account.

Main features:
* Return click processing Supported
* Testmode support
* Debug Mode
* Custom final order status

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Onecard Payment Gateway

  • النوع :,
  • حالة التوفر : نعم
  • معروض 1048
  • 12 شهر دعم مجاني
  • وشملت الوثائق
  • تحديثات المنتجات المستقبلية
  • فحص الجودة
  • لا رسوم المعاملات
  • ضمان أدنى سعر
  • $50.00

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