This Module/Extension help you to  import bulk customers using CSV/XLS file in your open cart shop.
That CSV file contains following column order is must to import customers.

First Name
Last Name
E-Mail(we use this field as Primary Key to import bulk customer.If E-Mail exists,can NOT insert.)
Fax [optional]
Newsletter(Value: Enabled/Disabled)
Customer Group (MUST as the same as Default,Wholesale...)
Status(Value: Enabled/Disabled)
Company [optional]
Company ID [optional]
Tax ID [optional]
Address 1
Address 2
Country(MUST as the same as Database,like India, United Kingdom, United States)
Zone(MUST as the same as Database,like Tamil Nadu, Lancashire, Alaska)

The best and fastest way to get support is by e-mail: .We usually get back to you within 24x7hours
Please give us as more information as possible on the issues you are having to support you fully.

Note :
- The import of Bulk Customers has cannot Approved(Yet you can bulk update to YES using Bulk Approved Function after import).
- Customer Group MUST as the same as Database. [If you want to import new customer group. First you must add customer group before import CSV.]
- Address Country Name and Region/State Name MUST as the same as Database.

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